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FlueBoss® Colourcoded Powersweeping- Push-fit Designed and Manufactured in the UK for the effective sweeping of insulated chimneys, flexible flue liners and masonry chimneys.

8mm Super-Flexi Rod (Green)

Product Details

1m Superflexible Rod with single push fit button anodized green with 8mm co-polymer diameter flexible rod.  Ideal for use when cleaning biomass appliances or where added flexibitliy is required for sweeping tight 90 degree bends.  

Not for use with mole brushes or larger FlueBoss heads.


16mm Rigid Rod (Grey)

Product Details

1m Rigid Rod with single push fit button anodized Grey with 16mm co-polymer diameter rod.  Ideal for use when powersweeping clay and pumice chimney systems.


18mm Rigid Rod (Black)

Product Details

 1m Rigid Rod with single push fit button anodized Black with 18mm co-polymer diameter rigid rod.  Ideal for use when powersweeping larger inglenook chimney systems.


14mm Flexible Rod (red)

Product Details

1m Flexible Rod with single push fit button anodized red with 14mm co-polymer diameter rod.  Ideal for use when powersweeping clay liners chimney systems.


Flue Brush 7 Piece Set

Product Details

7 Piece Flue Brush Set, Includes:- 1 x 12" Handle, 1 x 5" Handle, 1 x 12" Extension Handle, 1 x 12" Cleaning Blade, 1 x Brush Head 50mm x 300mm, 1 x Brush Head 50mm x 200mm, 1 x Brush Head 50mm x 125mm


12mm Flexible Rod (Orange)

Product Details

Our best selling power sweeping rod this 1m power rod has a single push fit button which is anodized orange with a 12mm co-polymer diameter rod. Ideal for use when powersweeping flexible liners and metal chimney systems.


10mm Flexible Rod (Pink)

Product Details

1m flexible chimney powersweeping rod with single push fit button anodized pink with 10mm co-polymer diameter flexible rod. Ideal for powersweeping flexible liners and metal chimney systems.


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